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Aodh ó Mealcaoin (Hugh Mulqueen) Aodh Ó Mealcaoin (Hugh Mulqueen)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

You wemon

Well me again I like women for their complicity in my downfall. I love chicken on the train where did all the young ones go not sure really hate to get a job because My life is going nowhere fast. I wish I had a job and some security with my life but its not there.
I'm now 26 and hopefully sane. ya tis great being me at the mo but how is it being u? In this year of our lord 2015 I feel sufficantly pissed to tell you all something isn't quite right in this country My life seems to revolve around doing nothing and doing something. You know what world I feel like going into politics sometimes because I like the feel of it. I was recently floored by a fact that there is over 1 million people working in the civil service in this country. My family included. That is a lot of mouths to feed. why so much because our dear leader a certain mr. kennny. Might he offer a solution to our problems no. He is busy getting laid in a bar for queers, Not that I dear readers have anything agaisnt queers but if lady enda wants to dress up and be happy thats fine with me. why do I of all people might you ask do anything but respect the pecking order i don't maybe i should go on holiday like he suggested. I'd love to kick smak in the botom just for my own satisfaction.