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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I was just interested about bisexuality there and I googled "bisexuality ireland" And this forum came up first on the list:

Here is my own response to this ponce...

I don't agree on your stance on bisexuality = gay. Why is this such a big issue now: The fact that your sexuality is cast in stone. There are people out there that don't fit into your all or nothing view of sexuality. Sorry to burst your bubble, Life isn't a binary program on or off. Life is a fucking salad of all different fruits and veg all mixed together with salad dressing, Everything sticks to everything and gets mixed up. (To get back to my point) I think some people's sexuality is fluid, It isn't obvious straight away like it is for some people generally.

Take for example a women that wrote into that psychological therapist in the Sunday Independent. The women in question was really worried because she had a boyfriend for many years and was convinced she was straight. But she kissed a girlfriend and liked it..(to cut a long story short) She was afraid that she might be gay. There seems to be a lot of pressure to one thing or another when it comes to sexuality generally in this society. Just because you might fancy someone of the same sex doesn't mean that your necessarily gay or straight. What I'm trying to is that I don't think life is always that simple. Why is everybody so dogmatic about this issue. We're supposed to be open and tolerant these days with regards sexual orientation. Yet we brand people gay or straight or TG or black or white. The LGBT community is supposed to be accepting and kind but the post above just looks like a witch-hunt without witches or burning. Gangs roaming shouting GAY at anybody who looks or acts queer. Shouting STRAIGHT at anybody who looks "straight". Pigeon holing people. Why can't people realize that we're all different. There are billions of different permutations of people, nobody is alike. I don't know about you but I'd like to live in a society where nobody cares that your gay or your bi or straight or black or white or "that your lying to yourself". (To use a very bad cliché) At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable with yourself, Accept your own body mind and spirit what ever it might be. And forget about that fool up above...:hippy:

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